[LMB] What animals would the Firsters have brought to Barrayar-to-be?

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>> I grew up in a part of southern Sydney known as the 'Shire'  . It runs along the edge of Botany Bay on one side and the Royal national park. It is a very leafy suburban area with a lot of native animals living in backyards or visiting. My niece has a mob of wallabies visiting every afternoon and a family of possums living in her roof despite many attempts to relocate them ( they are protected so cannot be killed or relocated more than a few metres from your home) many homes in the area had wooden verandahs and decks as well as wooden window frames which the local sulphur crested cockatoos found very tasty. They ate them !!! Now most of them have been replaced by steel, iron or aluminium .  They do however make great tamed pets. They live very long lives in captivity to the extent that many families have cockies written into wills for three generations. They are conversationalists and love to dance to music.  In some areas of Sydney tame cockies have escaped to live with wild flock
> s and and share their verbal skills. The whole flock talks. ( this is not a drop bear story - it is quite thoroughly documented )
>> I have a flock of cockatoos who visit my backyard every afternoon. I find them very entertaining but quite destructive. They chew the hell out of my macadamia nut tree. They have chewed through branches that I can't cut with my tree lopper. They crack the macadamias with their beaks. They don't eat my back deck fortunately because it has stainless steel railings and hardwood flooring .
>> They are handy to have around though because they catch and kill snakes. It seems to be a spectator sport for the rest of the flock.
> do they exchange bets on the outcome?
It appears so , they argue and seem to have a running commentary ( including thrown nuts for bad moves) 

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