[LMB] What animals would the Firsters have brought to Barrayar-to-be?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 8 12:25:15 BST 2016

> From: Hilary Powers hilary at powersedit.com

> Cockatoos in domes would probably be a serious hazard....

> Plants produce fruit with juicy exteriors and well-protected seeds, but 
> parrots go straight for the seeds and ignore the pulp. Their beaks are 
> designed to be really really destructive - and they love to use 'em.

Cockatoos can also be hard on buildings. They'll get into the habit of
attacking something - a wooden balcony rail, part of a roof, etc - and
totally destroy it. Those beaks are incredibly powerful, the birds are
very intelligent, and they will keep coming back to work at their chosen
victim until it's destroyed. 

But they're so beautiful, and smart. And it's wonderful to have wild
birds come into your garden and sit and wait for you to put their food
out (they can train humans to feed them), and they mutter and call
and chatter. Besides, they behave for me, they don't attack anything, 
they just call for their food, and wait for it, and then argue about the
pecking order. 


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