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From: Hilary Powers
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> I had the police pounding on my door at 2 am because the 911 emergency
system had received a hang-up call from my address. They wouldn't go
away until they'd been allowed to come in and search the place, either,
to be sure no one had a knife at my kid's throat or somesuch. In the
morning, I called the phone company to complain. "Oh, you're on Palm
Avenue?" sez the tech. "The squirrels have been eating the insulation
off the phone wires there."

That's slightly weird because the "9" in 911 was selected to make it 
unlikely for pulse dial lines to get a false call.

In UK it's 999 of course, except that to provide a Europe-wide and 
World-wide standard you can now use 112, and indeed there have been false 


It is also the case that it is relatively easy for 111, and other low-number 
sequences, to be dialled accidentally, including when transmission wires 
making momentary contact produce a pulse similar to dialling (e.g. when 
overhead cables touch in high winds).[8][9]

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