[LMB] What animals would the Firsters have brought to Barrayar-to-be?

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Sat Apr 9 01:31:47 BST 2016

> From: "A. Marina Fournier" saffronrose at me.com

> On Apr 8, 2016, at 2:22 AM, Katrina Allis <k.m.allis at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Possums, however, are not, and are not protected in NZ (other than prevention of cruelty to animals type stuff).  They are an invasive
> > omnivorous species who eat the native ground-nesting bird's eggs and young, kill trees etc etc. 
> For reasons I do not understand, many people consider American opossums to be cute. I have never been able to see the critter, especially after dark, glaring at me with beady eyes, sharp teeth bared under a pointy snout. A baby hedgehog is cute. A Little Owl is cute. An opossum creeps me out. Oz/kiwi possums, sans 'o', are more attractive but just as much a nuisance.

Our possums are lovely. Admittedly certain varieties like to live in the roof 
and wear hobnail boots, but we all have irritating habits. 


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