[LMB] Crime and Punishment

William A Wenrich wawenri at msn.com
Sat Apr 9 01:57:58 BST 2016

We see at least three modes of criminal "justice" (scare quotes intentional)
in the nexus. 
Beta has gone completely to the medical mode with the Mental Health Board in
charge. You don't need to be an advocate of Dark Beta to notice that at
least one character (drunk at the time) considered a spectacular suicide
rather than letting the M.H.B. getting a hold of him and turning him into a
perpetual smiler.
Jackson's Whole has a privatized system (the source of the earlier scare
quotes) with incarceration and forced labor going to the highest bidder.
Earth, Escobar, and Barrayar have systems more in tune with English or
French systems. Barrayar has capital punishment but all include long prison

What does the list think about the different systems? We don't know how to
emulate Beta Colony. Our current systems (I'm mostly thinking of the
Anglosphere, Europe, the Americas and Japan.) leave a lot to be desired.

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