[LMB] What animals would the Firsters have broughttoBarrayar-to-be?

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>>>Raccoons, like Grey Squirrels, may be now be found in Europe.
>> Though not, as yet anyway, in the UK, I believe.  And certainly not in the 
>> period the film was set.
>The UK has wallabies however. I treasure the occasion where we took an 
>Australian family to see the rhododendrons and camellias at Leonardslee and 
>waited for them to catch on to what the creatures bounding about were.

Yes - I've seen them, at the Roaches in Staffordshire!  Escapees from a
wildlife park, I believe.

They were widely thought to be mythical for a long time, until a woman
rang the police after running one over.  She was *most* insistent that
she'd not been drinking, it really was a kangaroo she'd hit.
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