[LMB] ot: listie in anthology?

Andrew Barton andrew.157barton at btinternet.com
Wed Apr 13 07:06:07 BST 2016

The author in the Kickstarter anthology is Andrew P. Barton, who regularly gets confused with me in databases and appears next to me and Kate in Worldcon membership lists.  Anyone who cares to follow me on Twitter, @RealMadLogician , will hear of this and other pearls of wisdom.
I haven't been active on the list of late for health reasons.  I got a back spasm before Christmas, the painkillers this requires me make me drowsy, the back exercises to cure the spasm caused a dramatic change in my insulin needs so I was overdosing regularly for a while, my blood pressure meds are out of line giving me frequent periods of light-headedness ... Kate says I spent most of January on another planet.
I'm beginning to sort all of this out but I'm still finding thinking straight a rare luxury.
I hope I'll be around again later in the year.
Best to all,

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