[LMB] Betan Earthquake preparedness

anmar.mirza at gmail.com anmar.mirza at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 03:01:38 BST 2016

> On Apr 16, 2016, at 8:11 AM, Peter Newman <pnewman at gci.net> wrote:
> On the other hand maybe Beta Colony isn’t that tectonically active to begin with.

It is unlikely to be so.  A desert world most probably would not have the kind of plate tectonics that drive basaltic seafloor spreading, subduction zones, continental accretions, and the bringing up of water from deep in the mantle that keeps oceans active across the geological life of a planet.  That plus tectonic activity tends to keep atmospheres alive and the textev is Beta only has the barest of atmospheres.

(sorry, geologist nerd mode activated)


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