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On 4/19/2016 10:11 AM, A. Marina Fournier wrote:
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We joke about our Natural Disaster Tour of the US - we got to California 
and decided to head straight to Fresno, and avoided the quake in San 
Francisco only to hear about it on the radio as we were driving, then 
headed south to Yucaipa through the wild fires, then headed back East to 
land in New Orleans in time for torrential downpours that left 6 inches 
of standing water in the French Quarter [and Cafe du Monde was open, as 
always ... ah, dependability. I have got to have my beignets and coffee 
in the morning!]

I road out a hurricane in Virginia Beach the first time sleeping on the 
couch in the break room in the Bank Op Center on Robin Hood Road with my 
shotgun and ammo box of ammo for my issue sidearm and the shot gun with 
the permission of the bank and response guard company I was working for, 
the second one I was in a tent in a camp ground up by Williamsburg 
[first husband and I were working a nuke plant outage, and living in a 
campground was cheaper than a hotel so we were banking major amounts 
from the per diem] While camping at Pennsic [Coopers Lake Campground, 
western PA] we watched a tornado touchdown less than half a mile away, 
and roll towards us before lifting and dispersing, and having grown up 
in Western NY I have gone through more blizzards than I can count, and 
driven west from Rochester NY to Springfield OH through a blizzard that 
paralized the east coast of the US [in my defense, I had started out 
westward and hadn't heard that it was turning into a blizzard.]

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