[LMB] Betan Earthquake preparedness

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On 4/19/2016 6:41 AM, BlueRose wrote:
> I lived through over 11000 (yes eleven thousand) aftershocks over the 
> next couple of years.
> Stacey
Actually, many areas of the US [and rest of the world] are having 
earthquakes, it is just that they are so mild people think they are a 
large truck driving past, or someone walking heavily and the dishes 
rattling ... most earthquakes are just that, a bit of earthen 
borborigmus. Not to diminish the issues of a heavier quake, but they do 
happen more frequently and in many more places that grab the news. [my 
grandfather had a seisemometer in his workshop.]

S - oh yes its still happening here too.  Back before my house had its roof fixed and the exterior strengthened and replaced, my house used to creak when it received the Pwave in advance of the ground shaking so I used to get a lot more warning.
The glasses in my drinks cabinet rattled at the little ones so if I didnt feel them, I heard them esp at night times.
Its the ones that wake you up at 3am with a crash like a truck plowing into your house, yeah those are NOT my favourites.
Stacey - riding out the adrenaline....


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