[LMB] Betan Earthquake preparedness

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Up here in Queensland we've recently had a series of sea-based quakes, and the overall reaction has been, "Earthquakes?! HERE?!" 
Fire and flood we're used to.  Quakes are new and alarming.

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> For some reason I didn't get the original reply.  Yes there is some preparation, building better buildings is a big one and an obvious contributor to damage and lives lost in the Nepal and Ecuador quakes. First world countries have better infrastructure and medical setups already.

Snipping some very good examples....

Another important factor is the preparedness and training of the 
local population.  I'm mostly used to bushfires (forest fires) and
the occasional flood rather than earthquakes.  When things get
exciting it's important for everyone to know where to go, what to
take, and most importantly when to go. There's TV campaigns and
websites about having your disaster plan ready, local radio gives
updates during the most interesting times (don't rely on the main
TV and radio stations, they're totally useless in rural areas, the
reporters haven't got a clue.)
Not sure how we'd go if an earthquake struck, but out my way 
we're pretty good on floods and fires.

S- floods and fires and other weather related things you usually have warning for so you have notice and opportunity to get out.

Earthquakes don't give you that unfortunately.

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