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> We would totally screw up an interview by one of CNNs camera crews - we
> would be sitting in a well laid out camp, with our worldly goods packed
> onto a trailer and sitting there enjoying a brunch of crepes Benedict and
> coffee. Nope, didn't lose anything except structure. Nope, not particularly
> inconvenienced. Nope, got 5 more tents here, all our friends are camped
> with us and we are drawing our rations in kind instead of eating that crap
> in the chow hall .... [rations in kind means a person or group of people
> receives the raw foodstuffs and prepares it themselves. ]
> We had 4 or 5 friends and their families that went through the whole
> refugee camp phase of Andrew, all also military, and all accustomed to
> camping... we would have had a blast setting up camp instead of the open
> bay barracks experience most people went through.
My family and network are like that as well.  Most of the people I
associate with are involved in SAR and are extremely competent at most
things and pretty much build our lives around the need to drop what we are
doing to deal with an all-out coordinated effort.  If we were the ones in
the disaster area and were unable to join our various agencies or teams to
help, we'd actually find the leisure time somewhat relaxing.

L and I were getting ready to leave the NSS Convention in West Virginia
during the Derecho that hit a few years back and knocked out power and
infrastructure for two and a half states and it was my first experience
with being a victim of a wide spread disaster instead of responding to it
as usual.  I ended up coordinating the caver response to secure our own
camp (1200 people) and when the local EMA director contacted me he was
amazed that we were taking care of ourselves and didn't need outside
assistance, in spite of half the camp blown away.  Why I got put in charge
still leaves me shaking my head because my expertise is wilderness SAR and
cave rescue, but most of those people with either colleagues or had taken
training I had taught, so they were used to my leadership in other arenas.
My primary experience with disaster response has been as a grunt.

Anmar Mirza EMT, N9ISY, NCRC National Coordinator, RBNC President

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