[LMB] Betan Earthquake preparedness

Hilary Powers hilary at powersedit.com
Thu Apr 21 03:00:12 BST 2016

On 4/20/2016 5:56 PM, Eric Oppen wrote:

> ... snowfalls that Iowans would take completely in their stride all but
> paralyze DC and the surrounding areas.  And as for real blizzards...Iowans
> know what to do about them, but DC doesn't, and doesn't have the snow
> removal equipment that Iowa cities have.

That's a circular problem people often back themselves into. It 
[whatever IT is] doesn't happen, so they don't prep for it, so when it 
does happen, they can't cope. As someone in Houston told NPR a few years 
ago, after what Iowa would regard as a minor snowstorm paralyzed the 
city, "When the biggest piece of snow removal equipment in town is at 
Toys R Us, there's not much you can do!"

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