[LMB] How Barrayaran! Deep-Fried Maple Leaves

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Thu Apr 21 21:03:47 BST 2016

On Apr 21, 2016, at 5:48 AM, Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us> wrote:
> you should grow mint in pots, it's a weed that if you let it loose in your garden, will take over.
> we put some mint in  our garden, 30+ years ago and we can't get rid of it.

I can kill mint--not sure how. "Golden" bamboo, i think it is,  is even more invasive. When house hunting, if I see that bamboo is planted in the ground, the visit's over. It will worm its way into any structure, and even goats can't help you then.

Poison oak, Himalayan blackberry, and other pest plants can't stand up to goats. I wonder whether a steady diet high in mint  could sffect the taste of the neat of such a goat.

A. Marina Fournier
Saffronrose at me.com
You may very well think so, but I couldn't possibly comment.

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