[LMB] Betan Earthquake preparedness

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 23 12:50:22 BST 2016

> From: mmjustus at mmjustus.com

> I have a strong sense of self-preservation when it comes to housing
> searches. Lots of areas I won't consider, and am fortunate to have that
> choice. I don't build mansions on cliffs or on hillsides with stilts,
> either. I want the safest house I can manage.
> Marina

I live on top of a cliff. You're not adding to my comfort.

> Here in the Puget Sound area, you have two choices.  You can live on a flood 
> plain, and count the ducks in your non-existent pond every winter (I had a 
> co-worker who used to come in every morning in the wintertime, when we get 
> almost all of our rain, and say things like, "well, I've got a two (or 
> eight, or fifteen) duck pond in my yard today" -- except that she didn't 
> actually *have* a pond), or you can live on a moraine and dig rocks out of 
> your garden every spring.  Unless you live near the water, in which case you 
> can also choose to live with the potential of sliding into the Sound.  I 
> have always chosen to dig rocks.
> Megaera

We can basically choose flood or bushfire, but most of the area is
pretty safe really. With a little care.  There's a few new housing 
developments that were allowed in places that the locals didn't 
recommend. Now they flood fairly regularly. What a surprise. And
there's a few places further up (I live at the lower fringes of the Blue
Mountains. Don't mock them, they're the only mountains we have, 
even if they aren't really mountains) that I wouldn't choose - I 
don't like places that have only one road for access. They always have
to evacuate early when the fires are close. But it's all pretty routine, 
and you don't get really REALLY bad years all that often. Well, not
every year. 

I think people just learn to cope with the more exciting features of
their chosen home region. You make your plans, you learn the 
survival rules, and you cope. And then get on with living. It's mostly 
the newbies who get all outraged and confused.  Maybe that's a
result of natural selection. 


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