[LMB] Penric 18 and closure

Tony Zbaraschuk tonyz at eskimo.com
Sun Apr 24 02:45:42 BST 2016

Forgive me for the delay in this -- I've been rather busy the last
week.  (Let's just say that a full-time job, and a very part-time
job, and the annual "We Didn't Use Enough Tar and Feathers Day"
celebrations, all dogpiled into a lot of stuff.)

Anyway, on to the final scene...

We finally wind our way down to the conclusion of the
story, where High Authority is invoked.  And...

Is it a surprise that the princess is a mature woman?  It rather
fits with the theme of all the other older women floating around
Penric's life -- his mother, Desdemona (and is she one or twelve?).
We also, I think, find ourselves wondering about kin Martenden --
do they have any older sisters or mothers to advise them?  Judging
by events, it would seem not.

Having an older princess is also a twist on the theme of the
princess being the love interest in the fairy tale (and as
we saw with _Hallowed Hunt_, we are in the land of fairy tales
here, the _Marchen_ border -- Desdemona is the love interest
(if you can call it that), not the princess.

We are not surprised to learn that the princess knew Ruchia and
wanted her for court sorceress (and how common is that?  the 
princess at least seems to know enough about demons to know
that naming one is uncommon or unheard of).  

One does wonder, though, if it was Ruchia or Desdemona that thought
the local court too boring a place -- and what would have happened
if they were in conflict about it?  Who has the upper hand in 
that kind of argument?  Presumably demons that were highly
inclined to overrule their riders would be more likely to get
hunted down by the church and retaken by the B*stard.

Which leads to a thread for future stories -- Desdemona has
certainly pledged herself, in great gratitude, to Penric's
service.  ("You looked a _god_ in the eye and spoke for _me_.")
But one wonders how long gratitude will last, and what the
future holds...

Tony Z

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