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>> On a much less exciting note, we get a regular migration of folks from California up here every year, going on and on about our lovely summer weather.  They usually stay one winter and move back to California, complaining bitterly about how gray it is up here for so much of the year. If a Californian stays here for a second winter, he'll usually stick after that.
>I noticed when I lived in SoCal, that there were three migration patterns in people who left:
>SoCal -> Bay Area -> PNW
>SoCal -> Bay Area
>SoCal -> PNW
>One summer does not a resident make--in the Pacific Northwest, or in the heavily wooded creeksides of Santa Cruz county!
>As I deal with SAD and issues with light quality & spectrum daily, I know how overcast the PNW can be most of the time, and it's another strong reason for me not to live where quite a few interesting folk live.
>Scotland? In a heartbeat. Overcast, too, but it calls me something fierce. I'd like to visit Iceland and NZ for many of the same nerdy reasons. I love the sound of the Icelandic language.

Scotland is not uniformly gloomy by any means.  The 4th sunniest place
in the UK is in Scotland.  And there are *very* long evenings in the
summer (in the far North, you can read outdoors at midnight in
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