[LMB] Penric 18 and closure

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 01:28:12 BST 2016

It's always hard to remember one's first impressions of a work after
subsequent readings, but it seems to me that since this was a princess-
*archdivine*, I was already prepared for her to be a mature woman.  One
doesn't, somehow (or at least I don't) expect a senior religious figure to
be a sweet young thing.

--Margaret Dean
Micki: I don't really remember any particular expectations. I wasn't super-
surprised, but I wasn't completely expecting it, either. The thing is, it depends 
on the religion in the world. It seems that 5GU works two ways -- the conduits gain 
a lot of experience rather quickly, so it's possible that a rather young woman 
could achieve high rank, I would think. But there are plenty of non-Saints who work 
their way up through the ranks. Some are a little bit of both, I think. In general, 
it does seem that Saints don't really have a lot of ambition to be a high-ranking 
temple official -- I imagine they have enough on their plates, as it is. 

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