[LMB] Penric 18 and closure

Tony Zbaraschuk tonyz at eskimo.com
Mon Apr 25 05:05:47 BST 2016

On Sun, April 24, 2016 1:18 pm, Margaret Dean wrote:
> It's always hard to remember one's first impressions of a work after
> subsequent readings, but it seems to me that since this was a princess-
> *archdivine*, I was already prepared for her to be a mature woman.  One
> doesn't, somehow (or at least I don't) expect a senior religious figure to
>  be a sweet young thing.

Historically, it was not unknown for lesser children of nobility/royalty
to get farmed into the church, and sometimes made of very high rank at
very young age.

I suspect that the 5GW has somewhat less of this (but do we know if
the gods react/influence the selection of Their clergy in this world?
Maybe they just leave it up to humans.)  We might note Dondo dy Jironal
as a possible counterexample, of course.

Tony Zbaraschuk

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