[LMB] Delightful Blog and Commentary!

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Mon Apr 25 15:38:23 BST 2016

What a good commentary on the Vorkosigan series - thanks for the link, Jean and Zan. 


I particularly enjoy poking at the world-view of each book (as filtered by the characters) and seeing it as a reflection of the times in which the book was written. Not just growth (or, as I prefer to think, increased self-understanding) of the author but of the society around her. 

Not that I think the world has made the huge strides it should when it comes to bisexual (and polyamorous) characters, but it becomes a self-generating growth: books increase awareness, societal awareness enriches the material books.

As for the infamous "he's monogamous" line that Cordelia says to Vorrutyer, I see that as weaponry, not truth.  Not a lie, either: Aral is at that moment monogamously married to Cordelia - they're still practically newlyweds. 

I think maybe I should fine time to reread the whole series too. Not for the second time, or even close, but then I'm decades older than that blog writer. 



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