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Mon Apr 25 21:58:27 BST 2016

I'm rusty. This is only my second delurk in over 18 months - sorry if I
didn't get it right...

Lois, could *this* be what you’re looking for?

From: *The Vorkosigan Companion*; “Through Darkest Adolescence with Lois
McMaster Bujold,” or Thank You, But I already Have a Life - by Lillian
Stewart Carl

“We survived adolescence, only to confront adulthood. But we still had
science fiction. And we still wrote.

One evening, as my infant son—who was born on a Friday the
thirteenth—crawled over our feet, Lois told me of a story she'd been toying
with: a Klingon officer and a redheaded Federation scientist (the latest in
a long line of redheaded heroines) are stranded together on a planet
resembling the African plains which Lois had recently toured. . . .

The years passed. Lois, too, gave birth to a son on a Friday the
thirteenth. Then, one summer, soon after I'd made my first professional
sale—proving that it was, amazingly, possible—she arrived at my house with
the manuscript of her first novel. We sat until the wee hours of the
morning crossing its t's and dotting its i's. Like a medieval alchemist
she'd taken her germ of an idea, mixed in Ignatius Loyola, Winston
Churchill, and Dumas's musketeer Athos (as portrayed by Oliver Reed in the
1972 movie), and decanted Aral Vorkosigan.

He and Cordelia Naismith trudged off across that alien plain and never
looked back.“

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