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I'd forgotten the part about Oliver Reed as Athos.

Has Herself herself ever seen _The Light's On at Signpost,_ in which George
Macdonald Fraser (Himself himself, of Flashman and Macauslan fame) tells
about his role making the _Musketeers_ movies, and his impressions of

 --Eric, who is having a nasty fantasy where Miles gets two new
subordinates named S Baldrick and John Macauslan, while his superior
officers snicker wickedly about the joke they're playing on him

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> I'm rusty. This is only my second delurk in over 18 months - sorry if I
> didn't get it right...
> Lois, could *this* be what you’re looking for?
> From: *The Vorkosigan Companion*; “Through Darkest Adolescence with Lois
> McMaster Bujold,” or Thank You, But I already Have a Life - by Lillian
> Stewart Carl
> “We survived adolescence, only to confront adulthood. But we still had
> science fiction. And we still wrote.
> One evening, as my infant son—who was born on a Friday the
> thirteenth—crawled over our feet, Lois told me of a story she'd been toying
> with: a Klingon officer and a redheaded Federation scientist (the latest in
> a long line of redheaded heroines) are stranded together on a planet
> resembling the African plains which Lois had recently toured. . . .
> The years passed. Lois, too, gave birth to a son on a Friday the
> thirteenth. Then, one summer, soon after I'd made my first professional
> sale—proving that it was, amazingly, possible—she arrived at my house with
> the manuscript of her first novel. We sat until the wee hours of the
> morning crossing its t's and dotting its i's. Like a medieval alchemist
> she'd taken her germ of an idea, mixed in Ignatius Loyola, Winston
> Churchill, and Dumas's musketeer Athos (as portrayed by Oliver Reed in the
> 1972 movie), and decanted Aral Vorkosigan.
> He and Cordelia Naismith trudged off across that alien plain and never
> looked back.“
> --
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