[LMB] demon possession on-topic for now

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 05:40:56 BST 2016

  I know there are other Jennifer Crusie fans on the list. She's just put some 
first draft of her Liz Danger story -- the one about a ghostwriter who gets trapped 
in her hometown and starts solving mysteries. 

What I want to talk about is how she uses Anemone, Liz's client. Anemone was a 
famous beauty queen with QUITE a varied life and several marriages behind her, but 
Anemone is in Chicago. Anemone calls up Liz to work on her autobiography, and in 
many ways, acts as a disembodied voice, giving advice and dispensing snark. 
Somewhat like Desdemona.

I think it's a very clever device. It provides a "mundane" way to hear voices in 
one's head without being crazy or demon- or god-possessed. 

I'd really like to talk about the similarities and differences between Desdemona 
and Anemone, but not quite sure where to start.

If you want to read Crusie's WIP, it's nine chapters of good writing. Cliff-hanger 
ending because it's not an ending. And it's probably going to disappear before the 
weekend is over, so you better hurry. Her blog/site is Argh Ink. 


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