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Sending younger nobles into the Church did have good points, both from the
POV of their families and the POV of the church.

Their families didn't have to worry about endless "cadet" lines of cousins
that would need to be provided for, and might complicate claims in the
future.  And they had an "in" with the Church, which was very useful.

Meanwhile, the Church got recruits who had an "in" with the nobility, could
deal with them with greater ease than those of lower birth, and often had
greater experience of the world.

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> >> It's always hard to remember one's first impressions of a work after
> >> subsequent readings, but it seems to me that since this was a princess-
> >> *archdivine*, I was already prepared for her to be a mature woman.  One
> >> doesn't, somehow (or at least I don't) expect a senior religious figure
> to
> >>  be a sweet young thing.
> >
> >Historically, it was not unknown for lesser children of nobility/royalty
> >to get farmed into the church, and sometimes made of very high rank at
> >very young age.
> "Army, Navy, Divinity, Law, Farming, Politics, Trade" - traditional
> disposition of successive sons.
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