[LMB] LMB] Penric's Demon is a Hugo Finalist!

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 03:49:14 BST 2016

Oh dear. Well, my opinion is that groups are very useful for us to find like-minded 
literature, whatever our mindset should be. 

Groups shouldn't be used to determine opinion for serious readers (for example: 
"Oh, Locus likes it, so I like it, too, never mind what my actual reading 
experience was"). 

I hope all the Hugo voters will read all the finalists, then make an honest 
decision. If some group who is not catering to our own personal taste "wins", well, 
who cares? The kindest thing to do would be to give them the benefit of the doubt 
and assume that their taste in literature is evolving into something closer to our 
own . . . .

And "Penric" being on a certain slate will just introduce him and Desdemona to new 
readers who may have thought they had girl-cooties, but discover that they don't 
after all. 

And if some group -- from any of the sides in this dogfight -- cut off their own 
noses to spite their faces, let us hand them a tissue without comment.


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