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Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Tue Aug 2 03:55:29 BST 2016

On 8/1/2016 8:15 PM, Jelbelser wrote:
> Thing is, lots of time we don't get snow, we get ice. If we do get snow, it turns into ice on the roads. Counties have salt to put on roads, but not plows.
> Also, the roads may be 95% clear, but if there are a few areas where the roads still aren't safe (shady, hilly, curvy roads) they close the schools so that kids living in those areas are not put in danger getting to school or miss days everyone else is in class. This may not be the correct decision, but it is what they go by.
> Janet in TN, who has driven on enough frozen roads that I swore never to do it again

We get lots of ice in Colorado too, but we're better prepared for it. 
Counties put sand down on the roads, and I put snow tires on my car 
every year. Occasionally studded if I feel like it.

Check this out for an example of the kind of traction an AWD car can get 
even without studs:


With studs it can get ridiculously good although if you push it too much 
it rips the studs out of the tire. Or if you drive faster than 65 mph, 
you start to hear the little *PING* sounds as the studs fly out of the 
tire into your fenders.

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