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Here in Wyoming, our university starts the monday before Labor Day, goes
till the 2nd week in December, resumes the 3rd week of January and ends the
2nd week of May. We get Labor Day off, thanksgiving is 3 day break, we get
a day of for Easter, with Spring Break for a week in March.  Public school
has similar dates, though they also have a hunting break in October or
In the 15 years I have worked at the university, we have only closed for
snow 1 full day and 3 half-days.
The interstate highway (I80) closes numerous times each month during the
winter due to snow, ice and fog.

On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 12:33 PM, Hilary Powers <hilary at powersedit.com>

> On 8/2/2016 3:58 AM, Marc Wilson wrote:
>> People from snow states and countries laugh at the UK for our occasional
>> snow problems.  The thing is, we don't get *enough* snow, reliably
>> enough, that it's worth investing a lot in preventive measures. ...
> Happens in the warmer areas of the USS, too. A few years ago the media
> were chortling at the troubles in Houston or Dallas when a sprinkling of
> snow forced everything to a halt, and one of the local public works people
> replied that it was hardly a surprise when the biggest piece of
> snow-removal equipment in town was at Toys R Us.
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