[LMB] How demons work: what happened to the heat energy?

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 21:41:27 BST 2016

Does the demon consume or store the energy released?  That would account
for a lot in how we're presented with their powers.  But I don't think that
a demon could become all-powerful by absorbing the heat energy of a
bonfire, or a burning castle.  If the demon directly causes the release of
energy, perhaps that's when it can be absorbed.  So burning wood wouldn't
give the demon anything, but if a piece of wood were quickly burned through
the exertion of the demon, that would 'power it up'.

So Des gained some sort of reservoir of power when she oxidized Rusillin's
dagger.  Perhaps that reservoir is drawn upon if she works an 'uphill'
magic, like healing?

Matt G.

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