[LMB] OT: you know that book... the cover was blue....

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 02:20:10 BST 2016

So this week I was reminded about a book I read a long long time ago.

It was for middle-school readers, and talked about a group of friends who
were in the low track for reading. They found a thesaurus on the 'easy
reading' shelf and as they started to look at that big fat book, a
librarian swooped in and said 'this treasure is not for you.'

So they stole it, and had adventures  in figuring out life. And one kid
used gum to glue the thesaurus to his head while doing jumps while
skateboarding. And then the group staged a protest of the school's lunch
food, using the 'treasure' for synonyms about how bad the food was.

So ... i remember the book but not the title or author (and it had kids on
the cover, which was -not- blue.)


currently in middle of a fierce discussion of how tracking can actually be
useful if done right.  see also, its not always done right.

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