[LMB] Four-Wheel Brakes (WAS OT: School days)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Fri Aug 5 06:33:48 BST 2016

Marc's car is a sort of mini-Quattro:-

 > One of the motoring programmes in the UK did a comparison of a standard
 > car on winter tyres vs a 4wd version on standard tyres; the standard car
 > on winter tyres outbraked it on snow by about 30%.

My car sticks to icy roads like sh*t to a blanket because I have both
Quattro transmission/braking AND winter tyres. Did they put this
combination into their test?

James - who takes the other car off the road in November and doesn't put
it back until April or May (in Britain you can claim a vehicle tax rebate
for the months it's off the road)

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