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August 5 Ree Pruehs

A birthday of convivial and occasionally loud discussion commences over 
the latest model of gaming table 3D holograms, loaded with all the 
classic miniatures put out, scale matched and adjustable. Complete with 
a map modeler scan in any blueprint or map and it will build around 
the miniatures and when the whole shebang is activated you even get the 
cutest animations of blood, guts and gore! The Vorbarr Sultana Gamers 
Guild are thrilled at having a guest GM of your caliber and promises of 
food, drink and *cake*are forthcoming. Cheers!

Darling Birthday Tixie, this was so incredibly perfect! I just started regularly gaming again after a long hiatus, and rediscovered my love for GMing shortly thereafter. "Convivial and occasionally loud discussion" - yep, that's my players.

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

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