[LMB] Four Wheel Brakes (WAS OT: School days)

Stewart Dean sdean at sdean.net
Fri Aug 5 23:55:28 BST 2016

My father, though not really an intellectual, was a surgeon and a Renaissance man.  One of the great experiences of my 
childhood and adolescence came about when he bought two, count them, 2, Bugattis (and for the total price of what a new 
Buick then cost, $3000). Bugatti devised the most gorgeous and relatively simple method for providing perfectly balanced 
4-wheel braking...with mechanical (that is cable operated) brakes.  While this was relatively straightforward with a 
hydaulic system since the pressure would be everywhere the same, doing it with cable brakes was trickier. Bugatti had a 
yoke stretched left to right between the frame rails. At each end was sprocket like that at the rear axle of a 
bicycle......and a section of bicycle chain that "s"ed over the sprocket a nd terminated at each end in cable that went 
to the brakes front and rear on that side.  When you stepped on the brakes, the yoke and the sprockets at the end 
rotated and drew in the cables on each side...the sprocket on the left pulling the cables in to the left front and left 
read brakes.  Fine so far, but how do you balance the left and right sides so they brake evenly?  Bugatti had the yoke 
pivot left/right (as well as the twisting previously described), so that some degree of equal force was applied to both 
sides. A tour de force of mechanical design..


Oh that I had them now........

// Stewart Dean == Kingston, NY

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