[LMB] OT: what a nice gift....

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Sun Aug 7 13:37:26 BST 2016

Marina observes that on Orkney:-

 >...some of the sheep eat seaweed.

And she wonders what that does to the flavor of the meat.

Wonderful - but it's tough unless it's cooked properly.

My butcher used to sell Orkney mutton (4-7 year old wool
sheep, not lamb) and it was as tough as old boots if
undercooked. But put it in very slow cooked dishes like
kleftiko or dum channa gosht and the heather/seaweed
mutton flavour of the now tender meat (after 6-10 hours
in the slow cooker) is exquisite.

Orkney lamb is tender enough, but the meat does not have
much of the flavour of the older sheep.

James - about to make venison pasties

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