[LMB] OT: Steampunkin', was Birthday Tixie - Ree Pruehs (Pruehs, Ree)

Pruehs, Ree RPruehs at BROOKSUPG.COM
Mon Aug 8 14:57:42 BST 2016

> Darling Birthday Tixie, this was so incredibly perfect! I just started regularly gaming again after a long hiatus, and rediscovered my love for GMing shortly thereafter. "Convivial and occasionally loud discussion" - yep, that's my players.

> "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

We aims to please =) It does take a tad of cyberstalking to try and figure out what would be a welcome day - and I was always fascinated by the hologram game board in Star Wars and thought it would be great to have a hologram sand table for my dungeons, hence the idea that most GMs would also love a hologram sand table =) [great costumes, by the way =) ]

Thanks! We'll be adding on to the Ghostbusters Steampunk over the next year - that was such fun! Pretty much all the garb we own (both SCA and Steampunk) is the work of the fabulous Karen Goodburne, who does Elizabethan and French/Indian War and now Steampunk (in her copious spare time). I passed on the compliments - she says "Wow, cool!"

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