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>> and some of the sheep eat seaweed. Wonder what that does to the flavor of
>> the meat...perhaps I should visit to find the answer.
>?I remember a trip to the Mont St. Michel while on foreign study in college
>where our group was given a special meal at one of the restaurants where it
>was explained to us that one of the specialties was "mouton au pré salé"?
>(mutton salted by the meadow), and the pre-salted nature of the meat was
>considered a delicacy. The other specialty was an "omelette baveuse" IIRC,
>so called because "bave" meant the froth on the mouth of a horse that has
>been running hard - the omelette wasn't made with horse-spit, but the
>texture of the egg's interior was frothy. Both were quite tasty.

We get Welsh salt-marsh lamb here - it's really good.  One of the
additional benefits of salt grazing is that the sheep need less in the
way of pharmaceuticals, as the salt makes them less hospitable for
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