[LMB] Ageing

WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Tue Aug 9 22:24:13 BST 2016

It is remarked many times that Barrayans look considerably older than galactics. From the context, this seems to be the result of hard use and lack of medical care and not longevity treatments like Weber's prolong. The "Betan Longevity Treatment" is Miles cover story. 
An anti-ageing treatment that retards maturation would have more implications than Weber posits. He talks about the social cost of a 21 year-old navy officer that looks 13. However, there are many physical changes in the late teens. The cerebral cortex is not mature until the late 20s. 
I am not happy with the Betan practice of encouraging sexual activity at 14. Do ballerinas even go on pointe at that age?

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