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I'm not sure "everyone does it" is truly the way to go. Miles was 15 and his experience was somewhere between unsatisfactory and devastating. (Why didn't Gran Naismith arrange for proper training and one or more LPSTs?)
I may have been late but I didn't have intercourse until after high school. Of course it was harder to get the dinosaurs to park properly. 😘

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> We may all agree on that, but the problem is STOPPING them from doing it.  Threats don't work; historically kids ignore them.  Monitoring the kids doesn't work: the kids find ways to sneak away.  Educating them on the dangers slows them down some, but again doesn't stop them; teenagers are all convinced 'It's not going to happen to ME'. Beta's approach ("Well, they're going to do it anyway, let's do what we can to make sure they don't get too badly hurt") really is the most practical approach.

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