[LMB] Imperfect food

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Thu Aug 18 04:48:34 BST 2016

I was at a pizza place the other day, noticing that the illustrations all made sure we knew that the pizzas weren’t perfect circles.   It was a subtle reminder that the pizzas were hand-made.

We have seen cooking on Barrayar.   But Barrayar is a special case.   But we have seen such things as ugly vases elsewhere.   In an advanced society, it should be possible to have “perfect” implementations of recipes and designs every time - if that’s what the customers want.

In Star Trek, people claimed to tell the difference between *real* wine and replicator wine (preferring the natural wine).   I suspect that in such a society, that would be an illusion - unless the real wine was inferior.

What have we seen in the Vorkosiverse outside of Barrayar that shows that imperfect creations can be preferred?

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