[LMB] Annual Georgette Heyer sale in US OT: now Amazon issues

Helen Fenton hifenton at internode.on.net
Thu Aug 18 06:18:10 BST 2016

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>>> Unfortunately Australian readers are in the same situation as UK Heyer fans and have to pay the full price. Amazon have been extra lousy and cancelled Aussies access to Amazon US where I have been a very happy member for the past 15 years. We are forced to either join Amazon.com.au with restricted access to US or books offered on US Amazon site or not use Amazon at all .. May the bluebird of happiness cr*p all over them.
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> Helen I am not clear on your comment about cancelling access to US Amazon - I am in NZ and when the AUS version came online they pushed very hard to make me transition over - I did go and look  at the Aus variation and the limited supply and more expensive prices were not favourable.
> So I stayed with the US amazon - yes I still suffer from regional restrictions around publications but I still get a MUCH better choice otherwise.
> But my point is I *did* have a choice and if I did while in NZ I am curious as to why you are under the impression that you 

I have been using US Amazon for the past few years. After the Aus Amazon site came on they ask and I ignored. I have continue to ignore until two weeks ago when I could not purchase a Donna Kauffman book I wanted. I tried to change my details back to Amazon Us but I was blocked when I could not provide an address in continental us. Have you tried recently? Or you may be lucky while there isn't a NZ Amazon site. 


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