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> The implication I always got wasn't that it was inferior, it was that it
was always exactly the same.  There's one replicator template for each
type, and every time you have a glass of replicator wine, it's identical to
every other glass of replicator wine (of that type) you've ever had.

> Manufactured wine varies from bottle to bottle. Even if the replicator 
> wine
is technically superior, its sameness will make the manufactured wine stand 

There seems no reason why the replicator shouldn't add selective random 
variation within the range of the original wine. Going one level deeper, 
that might produce an wine impossible naturally.

In the SF novelette "Business as Usual, During Alterations" by  Ralph 
Williams (various Analog collections) which involves replicators supplied 
free by aliens

We have - baked beans you can eat every day, for other items you vary the 
recipe slightly from week to week -.

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