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> For now, I'll do the Reader's Digest version of a review of 6 - someone
> can chime in with more or we can turn it into a real discussion of the
> chapter as a group.
> The plot is:
> 1. Cordelia and Jole go on a sale/date.
> 2. A storm pops up and they end up in a shack (gotta wonder if something
> like that happened to Lois - a similar scene is in Sharing Knife)
> 3. They have s*x and as a result are officially dating.

So... Let's expand this one slightly, then add notes for chapter 7 as well.

Cordelia and Jole go on a sail/date (spelling corrected).

I thought I might try to tie Lake Serena to one of the East African Rift
Zone's Great Lakes (like Victoria or Tanganyika), and maybe get a
comparison of its biological riches to the cichlids there, but I'd say now
that this is trying a bit too hard to force this part of Sergyar into an
East African mold. (Not that the idea is totally off-base, I'd just be
going too far with it.)

We get to meet Sgt Penney; we also see the transparent canoe. However, they
choose to go sailing instead of canoeing. We learn that Cordelia's ImpSec
minders have been annoying her with too-close of attention and that she and
her armsman have a simpler system: don't be dumb and he stays out of her

Cordelia's system of organizing calls is more complex than Ivan's, ranging
over 5 values and with "family" at level 5 = the top, "volcano eruptions"
at 4, "emergency medical teams" at 3, "diplomatic crisis" at 2, and "if you
must know" at 1.

Cordelia and Jole shack up to get out of a sudden thunderstorm. (Has me
wondering how detailed of weather prediction will be possible in the future
- I admit "new planet" has to be harder to predict than long-populated

They have a long talk about Jole's sexuality, Cordelia in charge. Gotta say
I'd've been tempted to hit her if she tried that on me. But in return we
learn he digs teachers, and that's how he ended up wanting to hook up to
Aral in the first place. Knowing as we do that he's trying to figure out
how to say "I want you," I note that she's being startlingly obstructive to
his goals (and slightly obtuse). But he manages to get it across by the
very direct means of kissing her. Which has the advantage of forcing her to
stop talking.

The rest they manage without my help.

Stupidly simplified plot overview:
1. They go for a canoe ride.
2. Cordelia learns her ImpSec guard is making a pest of himself.
3. Cordelia and Rykov discuss the new/old relationship.
4. Jole learns that Kaya is good at small-arms shooting.
5. Jole learns that the Prince Serg is going to be decommissioned.

In the transparent canoe trip, Jole discovers his future marine biologist
lurking inside. It's fun watching him discover that science is endlessly

Plot events 2, 3 and 5 are most frustrating: Every time I think a plot
element is going to become important, it gets pushed aside or dealt with
simply. The ImpSec fellow is just going to end up ignored to death, it
seems, for example. Rykov is going to be dubious about the whole deal, but
he's far too loyal to try to make trouble. The ship will be interesting in
a bit, but not in any obvious manner.

On the other side, watching Kaya deal with her Cetagandan would-be
boyfriend is very enjoyable. This line sums up their second date pretty
well: "my mother always told me not to beat the boys at games and things
because then they wouldn't ask you out. So I took him out to the range and
trounced him. Except then he turned around and found some place outside
Kareenburg that rents horses, and asked me to go out with him again."

And for all his determination to keep the dates going, she's mostly just
disappointed that she doesn't get to play secret-agent-girl with him.

Feel free to expand or modify any of this,

Karen Hunt

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