[LMB] GJ&RQ - Chapters 6 and 7

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We get to meet Sgt Penney; we also see the transparent canoe.

Shades of The Glass Bottom Boat! (1966, Doris Day, Rod Taylor, Arthur Godfrey--amazing film poster)
Cordelia's system of organizing calls is more complex than Ivan's, ranging
over 5 values and with "family" at level 5 = the top, "volcano eruptions"
at 4, "emergency medical teams" at 3, "diplomatic crisis" at 2, and "if you
must know" at 1.

Interesting choices.
In the transparent canoe trip, Jole discovers his future marine biologist
lurking inside. It's fun watching him discover that science is endlessly

It is indeed. It wasn't quite a glass bottom boat, but passengers sat under the water line, watching through nearly continuous windows, that I was on in the Inland Waterways of the FL panhandle. Not as interesting as it would be in the tropics, but an experience.
On the other side, watching Kaya deal with her Cetagandan would-be
boyfriend is very enjoyable. This line sums up their second date pretty
well: "my mother always told me not to beat the boys at games and things
because then they wouldn't ask you out. So I took him out to the range and
trounced him. Except then he turned around and found some place outside
Kareenburg that rents horses, and asked me to go out with him again."

I remember a friend in 5th grade telling me that, and disregarded the 'advice'. Didn't make any more sense to me than the idea that men have "urges" and women had to defend themselves again it, because they weren't able to. Feh.

I went to a private/non-public-run college. In my last year, I had the idiocy to take up with an SCA male who had more ego than sense or intelligence. One time (on the phone? Don't recall) he said something about him doing just fine at a college like mine. I was blunt--he'd been trying to get me to quit school and marry him "because if I go into the Navy it'll be 2-4 years before I'm allowed to marry", which I took to be BS of a truly stupid order. I was terrified that, should I leave college in my final year, I'd never finish, esp. if I left to marry this bad choice--"you wouldn't survive a semester here".

He asked if that was a challenge, and again, blunt, I said, "it's a fact". After I called things off, and after I graduated, this guy phone-stalked me. This is before "stalking" was a legal concept, Caller ID in CA (who took forever to allow it) and when college operators patched people through indiscriminately. My phone was off the hook in the evenings for about two months because he'd call so often, trying to get me to change my mind. After college, he got my number from a mutual friend who felt sorry for him or something, and began calling every few months, leaving me quaking after each call. At that time, no matter the reason, changing your number cost a good hunk of money, and even if I changed it, E would have passed it along. Eventually I got a phonebot and screened my calls.

I began having recurring nightmares about him. At one point, I was finally able to make him leave in the middle of the dreams.

Some time later he came back from MN (I think it was), and E persuaded me to come along for something or other where the idiot was coming as well. He apologized, and I accepted it. One more visit, where he asked about getting together to talk over old times, and I said that I didn't care to remember them and at this point, we had nothing in common to discuss. Put rather a damper on things.

Somewhere in this timeline he called, and I said I don't know why you call: I have nothing to say to you. Last call.

That all being said, I appreciate the persistence of the young Cetagandan in his *respectful* initial manoeuvers.



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