[LMB] Horses in the Vorkosigan saga

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Ah. And I remember Ivan telling a generally hostile (or derisive) Rish "Ah! You're my sister-in-law! That explains a lot!" And Rish has no clue why. (Of course, Rish's taste in men .... I still say her birthday gift to Byerly will be a tough and hunky bodyguard who will give By what Rish can't.)

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Eric Oppen wrote:
> Wasn't one of Aral's ancestors a Betan woman?  He might be less hostile to
> Cordelia than he might be to someone from another planet, because she _is_
> Betan.

Piotr's mother-in-law, as I recall, in case that sheds any light on his
attitude to Betans when Cordelia came along.

Anthony de Boer
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