[LMB] Best Vorkosigan Novel for a Movie?

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Hell, _The Lord of the Rings_ cast John Rhys Davies, who is 6'1" tall, 
as Gimli The Dwarf, who was about 4 feet tall. And Gimli was always 
shown in company with others. Anyone as Miles would be a piece of cake.


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>Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> writes:
>>  Of course, casting Miles would be a problem.
>Piece of cake.
>If you want a character who's *hard* to cast, have a look at Julian
>"Bean" Delphiki.  At the beginning you need an actor who A) looks about
>three years old and has a voice to match it but B) acts like an adult.
>And then, as the series progresses...  I think computer graphics and an
>_extremely_ talanted voice actor is probably the only way it could be
>managed decently.
>(And yes, I'm aware that's not what they did.  I haven't seen the 
>I don't want to.  Bean is only the worst casting nightmare for that
>movie by a fairly narrow margin.)
>Nathan Eady
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