[LMB] Piotr and "the mutant."

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Thu Aug 25 16:18:57 BST 2016

Weakness of any sort was not to be tolerated in Barrayaran society,
possibly due to the fact that protecting the weak or disabled could
eventually cause an entire community to fail. (Guessing from what we know
of the Time of Isolation.)

But Piotr seems to have had a visceral reaction of his own to Miles'
disability, perhaps added to his role of enforcing genetic stability. One
can also seem him looking at Miles and believing that the fate of all the
Vorkosigans rested on one seemingly irretrievably broken baby.

No more blood ties to his parents and siblings, likely all dead in the
Invasion, no more descendants of his Olivia, just a weak, fragile child who
was likely to die at any moment. It must have been terrifying for Piotr to
see his family's future come down to Miles. (I suspect Aral might have had
similar visions "I see both sides," but he also had Cordelia there with

What is fun to contemplate is Piotr's reactions to Aral and Jole's
children. He could perhaps understand the new granddaughters and how they
were conceived but...well. No doubt spending time with them would be the
ticket, as was with Miles.


On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 9:19 AM, Pat Mathews <MATHEWS55 at msn.com> wrote:

> And the reasons for killing muties was made quite clear in Mountains of
> Mourning - people living on the ragged edge of survival could not afford to
> keep people alive who would be a drain on their resources. Ma Mattulich
> resented the existence - the survival of the "mutie lord" bitterly.
> Both books of Cordelia's Honor showed was a similar sentiment towards
> badly disabled war veterans, though more muted, since the gene pool was not
> at stake.

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