[LMB] OT: now Amazon issues

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As I understood it, most of the problems with using a different Amazon site
stem from copyright laws and licensing. 
Since I'm in the US I haven't been bitten often. Since I'm also a firm
believer in intellectual property rights, I can't really complain very much.

William A Wenrich
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Kalina said:

> Oh, I buy from Amazon USA all right, no choice. But not all promotions 
> are available, for example. It's complicated.

Is the rationale written down anywhere?  Usually I can't buy anything from
Amazon US; it automatically sends me to Amazon.ca. But sometimes it doesn't.
And it can be annoying when a book costs $5 in the US and $500 in Canada -
and that isn't a rare situation.

I've had trouble getting books from the UK because I don't have a UK credit
card. But I haven't figured out the US system at all.


in Canada, which is worth it, despite some international hassles

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