[LMB] Piotr and "the mutant."

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Though - Oliver's children are legitimately Oliver's; his is the Y-chromosome. Cordelia's daughters, only by Betan law, but in Piotr's viewpoint "Eh, only daughters, and she's old enough to not be expected to remarry."

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Hah, even worse, imagine Piotr not having the security clearance to be
informed of Miles' extra-curricular activities, until the Auditor

"Just what we you doing all those years, boy?"

"Oh, role-playing here and there."

Though I still like Piotr trying to sort out Aral and Jole's kids. Well,
they're bastards, outside of marriage. But wait, maybe they're
considered...Betan Law... they're not fatherless...
double-fathers...so...::head explodes::

Piotr is interesting to think about in general because we see him only
after he's suffered all the tragedies in his life, and only through
Cordelia or Miles' eyes.

But, IIRC, Barrayar is rediscovered. Then invaded and Vashnoi is nuked. I
would assume that Piotr lost his entire family at some point during that
war--perhaps in the nuking of Vorkosigan Vashnoi, as we never hear of Piotr
having any sisters or brothers or about either of his parents. The only
grandparent Aral mentions is Prince Xav's wife, his Betan grandmother. (Xav
is mentioned a few times but we never get a personal take on him from

And then, Piotr, having rebuild his family, loses it a second time. He was
young enough to have remarried and fathered more children, given Aral was
just 11 at the time of the massacre, and with Aral as his only heir, Piotr
probably should have remarried, if only for dynastic reasons and for
someone to help run the district.

But he never did. He lost his Olivia (who seemingly meant as much to him as
Cordelia means to Aral) and that was one tragedy too much for him to
overcome to break out of his shell much again. Perhaps that's why he
welcomes Cordelia's appearance on Barrayar, because more than anyone else,
Piotr knows what Aral lost.


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> >> "My grandson's an Auditor!  My grandson's an Auditor!
> >> Neener-neener-NEENER!"
> >>
> >> "Are you pondering what I am pondering, Count Vorjones?
> >>
> >> "If what you're pondering involves a nerve disruptor, some shovels,
> >> quicklime, and a few close-mouthed assistants, I think we're on the same
> >> wavelength, Count Vorivanov."
> >>
> >
> >That would be when talking to his peers.
> >
> >In front of Miles, however, I suspect that the best he'd ever give is
> along
> >the lines of, "I suppose it's okay."
> "Well, boy.  You've not been a *complete* disappointment."
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