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pomme de terre dauphinoise is potatoes fixed how?

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Iestyn appreciates good food:-

 >Yum! Growing up the prize bits of the rabbit were the kidneys. Always
 >cooked with the roast/stew/ragout and if you got both it was considered
 >polite to give one to someone else. Liver and bacon with mash and onion
 >gravy, Kidneys and bacon with bread and butter ans a salad, stuffed
 >hearts with mash (1), faggots and peas. All tasty staples: cheap,
 >filling and comforting.

My next-door neighbour has been abandoned by his wife for a week so I'm
taking the opportunity to make stuffed lambs' hearts (which she can't
bear even to see but both he and I love) while she's away. (Carol does
not like 'em much, so I'm doing a Bambi steak for her.)

May do mashed spuds, but more probably pomme de terre dauphinoise and
spinach or just possibly bubble and squeak.

James - in gourmand (as opposed to gourmet) mode

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