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> On Dec 8, 2016, at 6:54 PM, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:
> Example: I have reread a lot of stories by H. Beam Piper and have found it jarring that everyone smokes. Attitudes about women have changed, sometimes not always. Sometimes the attitude is the same but the way of expressing it has changed. OB: look at how things changed for Piotr. (On a sub-note, I don't think that his rejection of Miles was as much shame for people thinking he was a mutant but his body consciousness (note the attitudes towards the disabled in Barrayar) or the belief that Miles would be helpless and a burden (note the ideal of Vor service sited in BoA).

Smoking on space ships was common.   But I read a recent novel (by a Scottish author), that covered a long time in the future on different star systems, where the characters smoked and went to pubs after work.    That kind of thing should be easier for an author to fix than some cultural assumptions.   (It’s funny to read someone come up with an alien form of tobacco on another planet).

Zelazny said that when he pulled out a cigarette, his character did as well.

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