[LMB] Bishops on Barrayar, was: Kosher

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 01:37:03 GMT 2016

Yeah, I'm making a distinction between personal spirituality, and religious 
systems. In my view, religious systems do tend to do a lot of good (but when 
they do evil, they do a lot of evil, too, and more efficiently than the 
individual). But religious systems seem to claim divine guidance, but it's not 
at all clear that divine guidance is actually bestowed. I am not sure if it 
matters; the important thing is that it gets people working together in 
groups, under the All-Seeing Eye. 

Did post-collapse Barrayar have a religious system in place? Did they create 
one in order to get people working together? (And I can see divine guidance 
playing a multitude of roles, from out-right faked to very sincere.) Or did 
they stick to secular methods of getting people to work together? Religion 
didn't seem to be an important part of the Vor classes, although it may be 
quite important in small places we haven't seen. 

Anyway, the answers really aren't in the text-ev, but in our own imaginations. 
It's quite interesting to speculate.


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